We created the following ministries to fulfill specific needs in our community. Our goal is to teach people about Jesus and how to live a better life.


Discipleship focus on practicing what Jesus taught His disciples to do (Matthew 28:19-20) when He ascended into heaven. So everyone in our community is instructed to obey everything He have commanded us through His words.


The teaching ministry at RCCO instructs people to know and meditate in the Scriptures. Every Sunday morning at 11:45am we have our Bible Study where it focuses on Reformed Theology, expanding the student’s views of Christianity to a deeper level by understanding the principles, doctrines, and history behind the Bible.

Home Groups

Home groups are the functional units of Reformed Christian Church. They provide an environment to deepen personal relationships and practice accountability. These groups give people an opportunity to engage in open conversations about Jesus, the Bible, and life.

Check out the locations to find out the next meeting close to you.

Children, Teen, and Youth

The development from child to youth is given a special attention at Reformed Christian Church in order to teach the next generations to live influential and successful lives through Jesus. We provide care, comfort, and safety throughout this development process through our facilities and passionate community.