Christian Church of Orlando was born on April 2006 where we start to get together in Central Orlando area. After one year God gave us an opportunity to buy a building in the same area so that we would have a permanent home in which to meet. Since then, God has been guiding us to form a group of people committed to live meaningful lives with Jesus Christ.

On the year of 2010 we started to identify ourselves with the Historic Reformed stream of faith. The more we studied the Bible, Theology and Church History the more we understood about Justification by Faith Alone - The sole ground of our justification is the merit of Jesus Christ alone. After a while the church name was changed to "Reformed Christian Church of Orlando

Reformed Theology is God-Centered and the structure of the biblical Covenant of Grace is the framework for this theology. As a Church, we strongly affirms the unique, infallible, and inerrant authority of the Bible and the distinctive doctrines of the Westminster Standards and Reformed tradition. Among them the 5 “Solas” of the Reformation and the doctrines of grace.

On June 2017, God started another move in our lives as we were introduced to the “Bible Presbyterian Church - BPC”. For the next few months we were able to get together with the Florida Leadership to culminate on what we, as a Church, were praying for several years; be part of a solid biblical denomination within USA.

On June 2018 Reformed Christian Church of Orlando was officially received by the BPC - Florida Presbytery.

Our mission is to glorify God and let His name be known by anyone willing to find life in Jesus and our vision stresses reformation and revival both within the Church and throughout the world. We seek our deepest delight in Jesus Christ and acknowledge that we can do nothing apart from him.
Specifically, we encourage people to focus on their families and maintain them in a Christ-centered way. This is essential to implement God’s plan for all of us.

We have been privileged to see many families joining together as one body and family drawn “...from every nation, from all tribes, and peoples and languages.” Rev. 7:9

In short, we exist in order to accomplish the Great Commission to make disciples through the means Christ ordained: The preaching of the Gospel and the administration of the Sacraments.

We give all glory and honor to God for his continued blessing on this local congregation of his kingdom.

Soli Deo Gloria